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As a student, you may be well aware that using Harvard referencing and other referencing style helps you avoid plagiarism. However, have you ever wondered how reference and plagiarism skirting is interlinked? You can also checkout the Chemical Equation Balancer for quickly solve the chemical equations and balance them.

Let’s explore.

  • In-text citation 

An in-text citation is done in three ways: quoting, paraphrasing and summarizing.

  • Quoting

In the quotation, you use words identical to that of the author. To avoid plagiarism issues, you can mention the page number of the book. Then, you must include the complete reference in the list of references that you write at the end of your assignment. 

For example, if you write, Lawson (2023:99) professed that “hard work has no shortcut”. 

In case of any ambiguity in citing your text, you may take the help of an Assignment Help service. 

  • Paraphrasing

In paraphrasing, you rephrase other writer’s work but copy their ideas. If the quotation mentioned in the above point is paraphrased, it will be that there is no short cut for hard work in the words of Lawson (2023). Since no direct quotation is used, there is no need for page numbers. However, you should include the complete reference of the source in the reference list mentioned at the end of the text. Using a plagiarism checker may assure you that the rephrased text does not infringe the works of other writers.

  • Summarizing

You can summarize a paragraph, page or an entire book of another writer’s work. Let’s assume that Lawson has written a book on how to reference a book correctly. You should write like, summarizing her work: Lawson (2023) illustrates the bottom lines of referencing a book, concluding that it is one of the least discussed issues of higher education. Here again, you must give a complete reference at the end of your assignment.

You can also credit an idea to multiple persons like Gates (1999), Jones (2023), and Taylor (1972), all presume that correctly referencing a book is the foundation of all academic assignment writing.

  • Referencing

Referencing can be done in just one way though it has different variations. You must make sure which format your institution uses.

 However, if you are writing a resume, please do not cite any references in the document; it will reduce the value of your resume writing. You may use a Resume Builder to make your resume writing unique.

Nevertheless, here is an example of the list of references in Harvard referencing style


PAGE, H. (2020) Why Leading Sustainability Has Become More Important, People and Strategy, 20, 15-16

LEE, W (2010), Strategic Business Management, Oxford Hall

The above discussion sheds light on the interlinked relationship between plagiarism skirting and reference. Hopefully, it adds another dimension to your understanding of the importance of reference.

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