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Spicy Margarita

Love and Lemons 7/21 3:25A Jeanine Donofrio
Meet my go-to spicy margarita recipe! Like a classic margarita, it’s tart and refreshing, but jalapeño peppers give it an extra kick of heat. This spicy margarita recipe is easy to make. You only need...

Zucchini Pasta

Love and Lemons 7/18 5:11A Jeanine Donofrio
This zucchini pasta recipe is the best way to use up an abundance of summer zucchini. Sorry, zucchini muffins and zucchini bread—this pasta calls for so much zucchini that no other recipe can compete....

Breakfast Tacos

Love and Lemons 7/16 3:15A Jeanine Donofrio
If you asked everyone in Austin where they get their favorite breakfast tacos, you’d get a different answer from every person. Austinites have opinions about breakfast tacos like Chicagoans have...

Italian Pasta Salad

Love and Lemons 7/14 2:30A Jeanine Donofrio
I ve made this Italian pasta salad for all our picnics and potlucks over the last few weeks. When I added the ingredients to my shopping list again this morning, I knew I had to share the recipe! This...

Baba Ganoush

Love and Lemons 7/11 2:30A Jeanine Donofrio
Have you tried baba ganoush? If you like hummus, I have a feeling you ll love this Mediterranean eggplant dip too. Made with grilled or roasted eggplant, tahini, garlic, and lemon, it s creamy, smoky,...

Love & Lemons Cooking Club – July!

Love and Lemons 7/9 3:58A Phoebe Moore (L L Recipe Develop
Our Cooking Club is a fun way to celebrate the Love & Lemons community of readers. The concept is super simple—each month, I choose a recipe. You make it, and you leave a comment on the recipe s blog...

20 Easy Summer Cocktails

Love and Lemons 7/7 2:59A Phoebe Moore (L L Recipe Develop
Hot days call for summer cocktails! Maybe fruity, maybe frozen, and definitely refreshing, these drinks will help you cool off and celebrate the season all in one. Below, you ll find the easy cocktail...

Watermelon Salad with Feta

Love and Lemons 7/4 2:57A Jeanine Donofrio
This watermelon salad recipe is everything I want on a summer day. At this time of year, I can t get enough of salads made with peak-season fruits and veggies. I especially love a good sweet and salty...

How to Boil Corn on the Cob

Love and Lemons 7/2 2:39A Jeanine Donofrio
I think my love of seasonal cooking comes from all the corn on the cob I ate as a kid. In the summer, my mom served boiled corn on the cob with dinner almost every night. She d pick it up from a farm...

Easy Gazpacho

Love and Lemons 6/30 3:21A Jeanine Donofrio
It s no secret that I love gazpacho. Over the years, I ve shared a gazpacho recipe with watermelon, one with corn, another with carrots, and still another with tangy tomatillos. What can I say? On a...

Homemade Cherry Pie

Love and Lemons 6/27 2:30A Phoebe Moore (L L Recipe Develop
This cherry pie recipe is one of my favorite homemade desserts. It features a buttery, flaky crust and a velvety, almond-scented filling. If you allow it to cool completely, it slices beautifully, but...

Instant Pot Red Beans (Frijoles Colorados)

Fat Girl Hedonist 6/25 10:13A Cari
This is the best and easiest Instant pot Cuban red bean recipe. This recipe has become a weekly tradition at my house and has been tested in the Instant Pot dozens of times. My dad (who was a chef in...

Ranch Water

Love and Lemons 6/25 5:14A Jeanine Donofrio
A ranch water cocktail is the perfect drink for a hot summer day. We re leaving for a quick trip to Austin tomorrow, and I know I ll order a ranch water (or two) while we re there. This combination of...

Macaroni Salad

Love and Lemons 6/23 2:30A Jeanine Donofrio
This classic macaroni salad recipe is a hit at potlucks and cookouts! Based on the macaroni salad I ate at summer gatherings as a kid, it features a creamy dressing and crunchy veggies like celery,...

Lemon Bars

Love and Lemons 6/20 5:40A Jeanine Donofrio
Who else loves lemon bars?! It probably comes as no surprise that these bright, zesty squares are one of my favorite desserts. I shared a recipe for vegan lemon bars in my second cookbook, but I ve...
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